Amisk, Alberta

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Amisk is located in the central parkland region of Alberta, north of the of the warmer & drier grasslands and south of the moister but cooler boreal region. Amisk lies at the transition where dominant aspen forest is pushed into a more subservient role by the fescue prairie.


Very little original parkland survives, as the region is generally the best agricultural land in the province. Fire was a large part of the  ecology and both cultivation and suppression have largely eliminated the frequent burns.


The summer weather is warm, mid 20's on average, but often pushing the low 30's. The winters tend to cold, but the mountains are still close enough that there are often mid-winter thaws.


The village site was surveyed by the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1906, and villagers moved in that same year. The general store and post office came in 1907. Early pictures of the village show a landscape almost devoid of trees, something that has certainly changed over the years.


The population of Amisk sat between 150 & 200 people for many years, but the last census shows that the 200 barrier has finally been broken.

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